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We understand that this a a very difficult time for families and friends when you lose someone that you are close to. On these occasions flowers can provide a chance to show how much they are missed and bring great comfort to the bereaved, Sometimes it is hard to know what to send or how to express yourself .

Here at Glorious Veronicas we offer a friendly and sympathetic service to help you chose your tribute. Each tribute is designed to a high standard using the finest flowers to each individual requirement with special time and care taken so it is just right.

You can order your funeral flowers over the phone on 01626 333303 or you can come and see us in our shop

Below are some of the examples of work we can do if you have any special requests please get in touch.

Floral Montages

New for funerals these flower arrangements use different layers of materials to create 3D designs and movement. You can use different flowers to personalise your arrangements which may hold significance to you or your family.

A formal wreath and a blue and white loose posy 

Spray Wreath

This spray wreath has Yellow Rose, Yellow Freesias, Purple Iris's, various Pink Gerberas Pink Tulips and various foliage. The price may change dependent of flowers been used.

A Pillow Design

White rose wreath with a candle

Double ended spray

Single ended spray

Posy arrangement

Double ended spray

Loose posy arrangement in seasonal flowers

A double ended seasonal spray

A single ended spray in yellow and whites

A seasonal posy arrangement

Star posy